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In the previous article in this series we discussed the often poorly understood financial agreement (often called a binding financial agreement or pre-nuptial) within family law matters and covered some background and why you might consider a financial agreement at the start of a relationship. In part 2 of this series we discuss what matters ... more

Financial agreements are at the heart of many family law matters but remain one of the most poorly understood areas of law.  In this series of articles we will outline what financial agreements are, when they are used in family law matters and their key characteristics. This is vital information for anyone going through the ... more

At the end of 2014 the Oakey community saw the end of a legal career spanning 55 years.  Wonderley & Hall’s Rod Teevan retired after more than half a century in various legal areas. For more information on Rod’s career in the law and to read about Troy Krahenbring who took over in our Oakey ... more

There is still some misunderstanding about a change to parenting laws made by the Howard Government in 2006 when a presumption of equal shared parental responsibility was introduced. Some media outlets at the time suggested the change created a presumption that children would live 50% with one parent and 50% with the other. But the ... more

If you are advising clients going through a separation or divorce you should be aware of the importance of reviewing a person’s Wills as soon as possible after separation. For married parties, a divorce will revoke any gifts or appointments made in a Will to a divorced spouse but the rest of the Will remains ... more