Our Firm

Wonderley & Hall is a leading Toowoomba based law firm that has been a part of the local business community for more than 120 years.

We are a general practice firm offering services across property, business, commercial, family law, estate planning & administration, litigation and criminal and police matters.

Our almost unrivalled tradition of excellence and our commitment to providing expert advice are just two of the attributes that have helped our firm thrive and grow as the Toowoomba and wider region has grown.

We value tradition but we are also a modern legal services firm. We maintain up to date legal management and practice software and systems and each of our team of lawyers continue to develop and enhance their expertise in their chosen areas of specialty.

Wonderley & Hall Solicitors has developed long standing associations with clients in the Darling Downs, the Lockyer Valley, Crows Nest, the South Burnett and Western Queensland over a number of generations.

The firm is proud of the success of its clients and the part the firm plays in that success.