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Few areas of law have as many myths and misconceptions as the law around the distribution of a person’s estate. If you have any concerns about how you’ve been treated in a Will or if you feel you have not been provided for in a Will where you should have been, you should seek professional advice.

The team at Wonderley & Hall have years of experience across the entire family law area, including contesting wills, separation/divorce proceedings, and complex property settlements. We bring all this experience to bear on your will dispute, to ensure you receive what you are legally entitled to.

Experienced Will Dispute Lawyers

Wonderley & Hall’s litigation lawyers are experienced in quickly and professionally reviewing your particular situation and giving you the advice you need to decide whether you need to take further action. Contesting wills is a time sensitive matter, and speed is of the essence, so it’s essential you have a legal team on your side who can quickly assess your dispute. Wonderley & Hall are the premier family law firm in Toowoomba, and we’re the only team with such a long history of successfully contesting wills So if you need a lawyer with experience, give our team a call.

When you contact our will dispute team, they will discuss critical issues including:

  • your relationship with the deceased
  • how you have been provided for in the Will
  • how others, including siblings, may have been provided for
  • the value of the estate and the type of property or assets in the estate
  • how the Courts may treat your situation
  • if you decide to pursue the matter what your likely prospects would be

Critical time constraints apply to claims made against the distribution of a deceased estate so please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your situation. We’ll analyse the facts of your case to determine whether or not you have legal standing to contest the will.

Our Contesting Estates Team

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