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Is Your Home Really Your Castle?

We all like to believe that Darryl Kerrigan was right and that our homes are our castles but what happens if your neighbours are making life difficult?

When does a relationship become a “de facto relationship”?

In family law matters (particularly property settlement matters), it is important to determine whether you and your partner are considered to be in a de facto relationship or not. If you satisfy the criteria for a de facto relationship, then there may be various implications if you separate.

The Litigation Process Made Easy!

Unfortunately, from time to time people are confronted with litigating a dispute. Whether you choose to act for yourself as a self-represented litigant or instruct lawyers to act for you, it helps to have an understanding of the process. Let’s take a simple debt scenario and step through the process. If you are owed say…

Parenting Orders vs. Parenting Plans – What’s the difference?

Everyone wants what’s best for their children. In cases about children, the Family Courtshave the best interests of the children as the paramount consideration.Although it may seem simple, often separated parents can have very different ideas aboutwhat sort of arrangements are in their children’s best interests. These types of disputesabout the parenting of children, or…

The Biggest Financial Decision You Will Make!!

Buying property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make in your lifetime.  Currently interest rates are low enticing prospective home buyers to enter the market. So have you found your dream home and looking to make a purchase but you are not familiar with the process?  Our conveyancing team can help…