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The talented team of Toowoomba lawyers at Wonderley & Hall advises on property, commercial, litigation, business and family law right across the Toowoomba region. We are one of the most experienced law firms in the state, with a history of exceptional advice and service spanning more than 120 years.

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When you use Wonderley & Hall you are dealing with one of the most established law firms in the region. You are also dealing with lawyers who will take the time to listen and to understand your business and personal circumstances before commencing work. This means that our outcomes are tailor made to your specific needs. We construct our advice and services to fit your personal situation and our goal is to achieve the best possible result for you, whether that’s in a separation/divorce settlement, will dispute, property deal or litigation. When you hire legal support from Wonderley & Hall you’re assured an experienced legal service that no one in the region can match.

Relying on our expertise you can feel secure purchasing your new home, settling a difficult dispute, investing in or developing property and growing your business. Backed by our excellent record, understanding service and incomparable experience, we truly believe we are the premier Toowoomba family law solicitor practice. We understand the legal needs of Toowoomba locals, so when you need legal support, contact the team at Wonderley & Hall.

Whether you need to speak to an experienced separation/divorce lawyer or a general family lawyer, we are here to help. Simply call, or contact our office to organise a confidential discussion.

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In the previous article in this series we discussed the often poorly understood financial agreement (often called a binding financial agreement or pre-nuptial) within family law matters and covered some background and why you might consider a financial agreement at the start of a relationship. In part 2 of this series we discuss what matters … more

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55 years of service to the law

At the end of 2014 the Oakey community saw the end of a legal career spanning 55 years.  Wonderley & Hall’s Rod Teevan retired after more than half a century in various legal areas. For more information on Rod’s career in the law and to read about Troy Krahenbring who took over in our Oakey … more

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