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Protecting the interests of our clients when they buy, sell or lease property is a fundamental part of the Wonderley & Hall practice. It has formed a major part of our practice over the years.

Our clients include individuals, family businesses, large corporations, first-time investors and property developers. They all come to Wonderley & Hall because of our local experience and the value we bring to every property transaction.

With Wonderley & Hall engaged in your property matter, you can rest reassured that some of Toowoomba’s most experienced property lawyers are working for you.

More than that, our property lawyers understand business and how property transactions play a critical role in the success of your business.

Whether it’s leasing your first premises, developing a block of land, expanding your property portfolio or selling an investment property for the best price, our property lawyers understand the importance of the deal as well as the finer points of property law.

Contact us today for the right advice from the outset, helping you achieve the best results.

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Our Property Lawyers

Our experienced team cover every aspect of property related transactions. Our particular specialties are:

  • Land Development. We have extensive experience in all forms of land development including flat land, buildings and body corporate developments. We can help with all outcomes from a simple boundary realignment through to multi-staged residential developments and to volumetric subdivisions. We have the experience to find innovative solutions.
  • Commercial Property. We assist many clients with the ongoing management of their commercial property including shopping centres, commercial, retail or mixed use buildings. We can develop standard form leases and help assist with managing service contractors. When the time comes to either buy or sell, we have the most experienced lawyers to assist in the negotiation of your transaction and undertake extensive due diligence enquiries as required.
  • Rural Property. Rural land presents its own unique set of challenges whether from a management or transactional perspective. It is essential to understand the region and the local issues including farming practices and water management. We have been helping rural families for generations and we have a strong understanding of the required outcomes in rural land transactions. At Wonderley & Hall we are best placed to address the local aspects of your rural property transaction.
  • Leasing. Our property lawyers have extensive leasing experience from acting for clients with shopping centres through to stand alone bespoke arrangements. Our expertise includes retail shop leasing and assisting owners to discharge the formidable disclosure obligations and ongoing management as required by law. Our experience covers all aspects of retail, commercial, industrial and rural leases.

We document our transactions in clear plain English that can be easily understood and provides certainty. We understand that property transactions are results focused.