Our People

The team at Wonderley & Hall is made up of experienced and local lawyers. We have highly skilled lawyers in each area of practice able to deliver a standard of legal advice usually only found in the capital cities.

We understand that every situation is unique, so we take the time to listen to you, ensuring we provide qualified advice to suit whatever legal matter you’re facing.

Our Toowoomba solicitors have a proven track record of success, and will happily talk to you about how they can help get the best results.

Ian Dempster Special Counsel Contact

Anne Rowe

Estates Clerk PH: 07 4637 5469

Ash Peardon

Secretary to Mary-Anne Ole PH: 07 4638 1133

Chantelle Humphries

Secretary to Craig Thompson PH: 07 4637 5438

Gemma Holland

Secretary to James Halliday PH: 07 4637 5431

Glynis Vincent

Business Services Manager PH: 07 4637 5447

Letitia McNamara

Secretary to Leesa Beresford PH: 07 4637 5448

Linda Crighton

Secretary to Craig Thompson PH: 07 4637 5423

Lyndsey Klaassen

Conveyancer PH: 07 4637 5429

Nikki Miller

Secretary to Craig Thompson PH: 07 4637 5438

Rebecca Courte

Secretary to Troy Krahenbring PH: 07 4637 5433

Roxanne Games

Conveyancing Clerk PH: 07 4637 5410

Shani Donpon

Secretary to Katie Winton PH: 07 4637 5410

Sharon Munson

Estates Clerk PH: 07 4637 5478

Sophie Carpenter

Secretary to Damian Black PH: 07 4638 1133