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New Car a Lemon? QCAT Has a Solution.

We are often asked to assist clients with motor vehicle disputes because a vehicle is not fit for its purpose, not of acceptable quality, or does not comply with the demonstration model, sample or description provided by the seller, i.e. it is a “lemon”. There are many such cases which come before the courts and…

Family Provision Applications – Disentitling Conduct

A family provision application for orders for further and better provision from a deceased person’s estate (whether leaving a Will or having died intestate) may in the Court’s discretion be refused an order if the Applicant’s character or conduct is such as to disentitle them to the benefit of an order under section 41(1) of…

Director Identification Requirements

If you are or plan to become a director of a company, you need to be aware of the new director identification obligations. If you don’t meet your obligations by the relevant deadlines there may be civil or criminal penalties, and you may be issued with an infringement notice. What is a Director ID? A…

Is Your Home Really Your Castle?

We all like to believe that Darryl Kerrigan was right and that our homes are our castles but what happens if your neighbours are making life difficult?