Wonderley & Hall Celebrates 130 Years: A Legacy Older Than Some of Your Favourite Australian Brands

Move over television, radio, and internet – there’s a legacy in town that predates them all. Founded in 1894 by Robert George Wonderley, a Toowoomba native born on August 28, 1865, and a graduate of the Toowoomba Grammar School, Wonderley & Hall has been serving the communities of Toowoomba, Southeast Queensland, and Northern New South Wales for 130 years.

From its inception, Wonderley & Hall has surpassed even the most iconic brands and staples of Australian culture. From Akubra to Vegemite, Holden to Qantas, Wonderley & Hall’s enduring presence in the legal sector is a story of tradition, trust, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

“As we reflect on this incredible milestone, it’s humbling to see how far Wonderley & Hall has come since its founding,” said Damian Bell, Director at Wonderley & Hall. “For over a century, we’ve been privileged to serve our clients and the community, guided by principles of integrity, professionalism, and a genuine desire to make a difference.”

Over many years, and even through a number of generations, we have developed long-standing associations with our clients in the Darling Downs, Brisbane, the Lockyer Valley, Crows Nest, the South Burnett and Western Queensland.

“Our 130-year journey is a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone who has been a part of Wonderley & Hall,” said Craig Thompson, Director at Wonderley & Hall. “From our founding partners to our current team of legal professionals, each individual has played a vital role in shaping our firm and upholding our values. We’re incredibly proud of our legacy and excited for the future.”

“As a firm, we’ve always been deeply connected to the communities we serve,” said Damian Bell, Director at Wonderley & Hall. “Our long-standing associations and relationships with clients in the Darling Downs, Brisbane, the Lockyer Valley, Crows Nest, the South Burnett, and Western Queensland are a testament to our commitment to excellence and service.”

In addition to celebrating its rich history, Wonderley & Hall aims to foster a sense of nostalgia and connection among existing clients, staff, and the broader community. By sharing stories, memories, and milestones from the past 130 years, the firm hopes to deepen its relationships with stakeholders and reinforce its place in the local fabric.

“Looking back on our journey, it’s remarkable to see how our firm has evolved and grown over the years,” said Craig Thompson, Director at Wonderley & Hall. “Yet, at the heart of it all, our commitment to our clients and our values remains unchanged. We’re proud to celebrate 130 years of service and look forward to continuing our legacy for generations to come.”

As Wonderley & Hall looks to the future, it remains committed to serving its clients and reinforcing its reputation as a trusted and respected legal partner.  

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