Estate Planning

Wills and estates can be a sensitive topic for some, which is why Wonderley & Hall’s estate lawyers get to know you and what you want for your loved one’s futures, ensuring we plan for the results you want.

Passing away without a will, with a poorly prepared will, or a will that is out of date can cause considerable emotional, legal and financial difficulties to those who need to administer your estate in an already difficult time.

Regardless of the size or nature of your estate, it is vital to document your wishes so you get to decide how your property is distributed. Otherwise, those you leave behind may face additional expense in administering your estate and be forced to follow the government’s prescribed rules for how property should be distributed, rather than your wishes.

A Will is only one aspect of the estate planning process. Effective estate planning ensures your business and estate are distributed as per your wishes in the event of your passing, including trusts, superannuation and even how your business is to be managed.

Our estate and succession planning services include standard wills, testamentary trusts wills, superannuation benefits planning, enduring powers of attorney, advance health directives, elder law and guardianship issues.

We work to ensure the best results for your estate.

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Succession Planning

Succession planning looks at passing effective control or ownership of strategic assets or businesses at a time determined by you. Generational change is a common hurdle which needs to be handled delicately, balancing the interests of all involved.

We specialise in helping family enterprises navigate these changes from those involving a single property (such as the family farm) through to multi-layered corporate and trust entities. Our experienced lawyers tailor an outcome for each circumstance working hand in hand with your other professional consultants.

We understand that estate and succession planning isn’t just another legal document, but also how you care and provide for your loved ones. That’s why we endeavour to get to know you and your situation, so we can ensure we plan for the results you want.

Our experienced estate and succession planning lawyers provide the expertise necessary to effectively deal with complex family or business situations. We have years of experience dealing with rural succession issues, superannuation benefits, beneficiaries who need ongoing support and the many other local issues that make careful and considered estate planning so important.

To make sure your family is properly provided for, talk to the estate and succession planning lawyers at Wonderley & Hall.

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Our Estate & Succession Planning Lawyers