Beware of mixing your career with too many Christmas drinks

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Christmas is a great time is to celebrate with your colleagues after a year of hard word and success.

However your conduct at Christmas drinks, whether an office party or a carry over of festivities to another venue could cause you to loose your job.

Despite the fact that this occurs after work hours or off work premises, if the conduct, viewed objectively, is likely to cause serious damage to the relationship between the employer and the employee, it can amount to a rejection of the employment contract by the employee and as such form the basis for dismissal or disciplinary action.

Moderation is the key – drink responsibly and have a good time this festive season.

[About the author: Mary-Anne Ole is a Senior Solicitor in the General Litigation team of Wonderley & Hall. In addition to legal experience, Mary-Anne has also managed a dry-land grain and cotton farm on an inner Darling Downs property while raising a family]


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