Your Personal Property Securities Registration may have expired as at 30 Jan!

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If you hold a security interest registered on the Personal Property Securities Register in 2012 over serial numbered goods (including motor vehicles, watercraft and certain items of plant and machinery) which was migrated from another state based register to the PPSR this could have expired on 30 January 2019. Please contact us to find out more, ph: 07 4638 1133

It’s the seven year anniversary of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)!

In 2012, some serial numbered goods were migrated from another state based register to the PPSR.

So, if you are (for example):

  • a Private Lender;
  • a Seller who uses vendor finance arrangements that take security over business assets; or
  • a Business involving serial numbered goods (eg. cars, trucks, motorbikes, tractors, caravans, trailers, aircraft, watercraft, plant breeder rights, patents, designs and trademarks)

The default security interest registration period is seven years, which means as at 30 January 2019, your registered security interest may have expired.

If you hold a current PPSR

You’ll need to do a free PPSR Due to Expire Report search, to find out when your Personal Property Security Interest is set to expire. 

What’ll happen to your security interest if it expires

The PPSR system is set to automatically discharge a registration on its end date. This means you can’t renew or extend your security interest.  Instead, this will be need to be re-registered.

Ideally, we’d like for you to extend or renew your security interest before the expiry date so your priority remains the same. However, if your interest has expired, this can lead to vulnerabilities, especially if the security provider has gone into administration or liquidation.  

When it comes to re-registering after expiration, your personal position may have a new (lower) priority interest. So, we recommend getting on top of this as soon as possible. This way you can maintain your security interest in any personal property.   

The process to renew a registration is not always straight forward. Please contact any member of our commercial team if you require any advice on re-registering an expired PPSR registration.

If you are not sure if the Personal Property Securities Register applies to you, please click here and we’ll explain what the PPSR is and how it may apply to your business.

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